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Joseph's Story

Joseph is an Air Force veteran who volunteered as a non-partisan observer during the 2020 General Election and witnessed demonstrators trying to stop the counting of absentee ballots cast by members of the military serving overseas.
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James and Dawn's Story

James received information that his voter status was no longer active because he was considered a deceased person.
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Voter's Story

This voter works on-call and needs the option for no excuse, absentee voting because he never knows if he will be working on Election Day.
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Varana's Story

Varana is a disabled veteran who waited in line for eight hours to vote. She persisted through rain, hunger, thirst and physical pain standing in line in order to vote.
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Heath's Story

New Hampshire
Heath is a student who is concerned that the New Hampshire legislature is attempting to deny students their freedom to vote.
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Lakiesha's Story

West Virginia
Lakiesha is an Army veteran who served as a combat military police officer. She needs to vote early or by absentee because she suffers from PTSD developed from her military service.
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